Becoming a Technical Writer: Career, Salary, Training

Becoming a Technical Writer: Career, Salary, Training

Let’s explore the field of technical writing, a profession that is gaining popularity, and the best way to get trained.

Why is technical writing training attracting more and more candidates?

Mainly for two reasons:

Attractive salaries

Starting salaries for technical writers can range from €28,000 to €45,000 per year (gross), depending on the industry, companies, and qualification levels. Source:

Many jobs available

To get an idea of the number of technical writer job offers in your country, click on the following links: 

How do I become a technical writer?

To enter the field of technical writing, Edvenn offers a fast-track distance learning program that helps you succeed in a career transition or start working as a technical writer.

This diploma gives you the skills you need to find a job in this in-demand field, where the needs are changing rapidly. With nearly 10 years of experience, this distance learning program is a valuable asset for learners.

If you are interested in pursuing a technical writing certification program, below are the answers to any questions you may have before starting.

Overview of the Technical Writing course:

This program enables you to obtain a diploma equivalent to a bachelor’s degree, recognized by businesses throughout Europe.

Distance certification course

  • Duration: approximately 6 months at a rate of 8 hours per week
  • Number of hours: 240
  • Mode: Online — Mentoring
  • Trainer: Marie-Louise Flacke
  • Registration dates: any time

In this program, you will find:

  • 11 major theory lessons
  • 34 case studies and demonstrations based on real-life situations
  • numerous practical examples
  • regular learning support from your mentor
  • as a bonus, useful links and resources

You can start your training all year round.

This technical writing training is fully online.

You have 24/7 access to Edvenn’s online learning platform, where you will find all the units necessary for successful completion of your training.

You can study at your own pace, with the only requirement being to meet the deadlines for practical exercises (please note that we have high standards!).

At any time, you can reach out to your mentor for guidance or support.

Your mentor will provide regular support throughout the learning process, correcting your practical exercises and assisting you in achieving your goals.

100% distance learning

Minimum 8 hours per week

A professional mentor

Do I have the right profile for the Technical Writing course?

If you’re wondering whether you’re a good fit for the training program, it’s completely understandable. It’s always important to know what you’re getting into before choosing a course of study. No need to worry though! Get in touch with us, and we can have a conversation. There are no specific prerequisites because we welcome a diverse range of profiles. Our main focus will be on assessing your motivation and determination to successfully complete the training.

Preferred candidates are those who demonstrate genuine motivation, a passion for communication, technology, and writing. Having experience in a technical field and proficiency in English are also a plus.

In short, this program is open to everyone, but it’s crucial that you have a well-defined learning and career plan.

What will I learn during the training?

The training covers the following topics:

  1. Introduction
  2. Understand the purpose and the target audience
  3. Write procedures
  4. Alerts
  5. Internationalize your documentation
  6. Glossary and index
  7. Include illustrations
  8. Define your document types
  9. Standardize your documentation
  10. Minimalist writing

For the detailed program and introductory video, click here.

Our training equips aspiring technical writers with the necessary theory, practical skills, and professional ethics needed for a successful career.

What are the advantages of this training?

This certification program provides the comprehensive knowledge required for a successful career as a technical writer, equivalent to a bachelor’s degree. The training is fully remote, allowing you to progress at your own pace, from anywhere, and at any time. Additionally, this training is more cost-effective compared to similar programs, as you won’t have to spend time and money on commuting long distances.

What happens after completing the training?

Upon completion of the training and successful validation by the evaluation panel, you will receive a professional certification as a recognized technical writer in Europe. You will be able to:

  • Write procedures and warnings
  • Design and structure technical information and documentation
  • Apply industry standards

In short, after completing their training, Edvenn’s technical writers are able to design documentation that will facilitate the user experience. Technical writers are also responsible for the usability, functionality and linguistic quality of their documentation.

With this certification, you can be hired in the following professions (sometimes even before you have completed your training):

  • Technical writer
  • Documentation Designer
  • Technical documentation manager
  • Documentation manager and technician
  • Information and Documentation Manager

How can I participate in the next Technical Writing training session?  Just contact us to discuss your eligibility and explore potential funding options for your training. We’re here to assist you in taking the next step towards a successful career in Technical Writing.