Technical writing course

Technical writing course

Become a certified technical writer

Training available in English and French

The role of a technical writer involves creating user documentation, including installation, user, and maintenance guides. The technical writer’s task is to write for the end user, considering their profile and the context in which the documentation will be used.

By taking the technical writing course, you will be able to:

  • Find a job as a technical writer
  • Write structured documentation
  • Write in compliance with industry standards
  • Correct and deliver your documentation
  • Write user documentation

Individualized support

Benefit from individualized correction and follow-up by a professional technical editor. Discover our support services

Individualized support

Earn your Technical Writer certification. Recognized throughout Europe. Accessible through RPL (Recognition of Prior Experiential Learning).

Flexible 100% online training

Start your new technical writer training course at any time! Are you available only part-time? No problem, study at your own pace.

Practice-based teaching

Gain key skills in writing and producing technical documents. Gain real expertise thanks to corrected assignments.


This training has allowed me to better

Jerome P. , 11/07/2023

Jerome P.
I have learned a tremendous amount and developed many skills. I now consider myself a proficient technical writer.

Daniel V. , 11/07/2023

Daniel V.

Training Course Content

Afficher / masquer le détail


General overview
Technical writing objectives


Understanding the purpose and the target audience

Interview techniques


Write procedures

Create a title
Write instructions



Notes and comments
ISO standards


Internationalize your documentation

Write for export


Glossary and index

Design an index
Design a glossary


Include illustrations

Exploded views and overviews
Screen shots
Icons, pictograms, symbols


Define your document types

Installation guide
User guide
Maintenance guide
Release notes
Quick Start Guide


Standardize your documentation

ISO 26514
Style guides
Controlled language


Minimalist writing

Style rules

Inscription / candidature

+33 2 30 96 04 42 By email

€4,800 (including taxes)

Funding organizations
  • CPF
  • Pôle emploi
  • Transitions Pro
  • 100% distance learning
  • Minimum 8 hours per week
  • 240 hours over 30 weeks
  • General public
Recruitment status : Open

Key figures:

Satisfaction rate: 91% (250 respondents)
Certification success rate: 94%
Overall job placement rate: 84 %
*Data updated on 20 January 2023

Training objective:

Deliver professional technical writing services.

Learning objectives:

Write procedures and warnings
Design and structure technical information
Design and structure technical documentation
Apply industry standards
Obtain the Technical Writer certification listed in the RNCP

Required initial level and prerequisites:

Training available in French and in English

Grade requirements for certification:

Average of 10/20 across all certification components
Validation by skill block: Yes
Equivalence: technical writing diploma
Bridge programs: No
Further training and career opportunities: technical writer

Delivery method:

Distance learning through an online course platform
For inquiries regarding the accommodation of people with disabilities, please contact the Edvenn disability coordinator.

Languages of instruction:

Perfect command of working languages
Proficiency in word processing and spreadsheet software
2-year degree or equivalent
2 years of professional experience (in any field)

Requirements for success:

Start the program at any time
Admission based on application: CV, cover letter and technical writing test
Submit the application at least 1 month before the desired start date
Registration fee: €85
Each unit of the program can be taken separately. Contact us for more information on this matter.

Formative assessment
Final exam

Assessment methods:

Training field:

Service realization: Writing and production of projects
Design and implementation of document databases
Communication and information specialities.

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