Translation Course – Medical Option

Translation Course – Medical Option

French / English

Become a professional translator

With this training course, you will learn the essential concepts to translate professionally in the targeted field. The training includes theory, practical exercises representative of the target market, and high-quality content delivered by experienced trainers. Talk to our former trainees, they are our best ambassadors!

Personalized support

A professional translator will guide you step by step to help you progress in the targeted field. Discover our support services

100% online training

Start your training whenever you want! Are you available only part-time? No problem, study at your own pace.

Recognized diploma

Obtain a translator certification recognized throughout Europe. This course is accessible through RPL (Recognition of Prior Experiential Learning)

Practice-based teaching

During the training, you will complete numerous translations in the targeted field and improve through corrections and feedback from experienced translators.

Training Course Content

Afficher / masquer le détail

Introduction: Translation today

General overview
The role of the translator in the translation process


Translation skills

Essential prerequisites: linguistic, cultural, and cross-cultural competences
Essential professional skills


Preparing the translation

Analytical and strategic aspects
Thematic considerations


Performing the translation

Translation techniques
Machine translation and post-editing


Ensuring translation quality

Translator's self-checks
Proofreading and editing


Applying skills in practice

In the medical field :
- Anatomy and physiology
- Pathologies and disease
- Pharmacology
- Alternative medicine


Understanding and mastering business practices

Client relations
Relations with other stakeholders
The profession
Managing your business



Final project
Looking ahead

Targeted activities:

  • Document translation
  • Proofreading and quality control
  • Post-editing
  • Terminology and multilingual databases

High-value content:

Throughout this training, you will learn how to perform professional translations. You will review all the necessary concepts through theory lectures, text analysis, required reading and corrected assignments. During this process, you will be guided and trained by professionals who have been working in the target market for many years.

Inscription / candidature

+33 2 30 96 04 42 By email

€4,800 (including taxes)

  • 100% distance learning
  • Minimum 8 hours per week
  • 400 hours over 50 weeks
  • General public, translators
Recruitment status : Open

Key figures:

Satisfaction rate: 91% (250 respondents)
Certification success rate: 94%
Overall job placement rate: 95 %
*Data updated on 20 January 2023

Training objective:

Perform translation services professionally.

Learning objectives:

Assessment at the beginning of the training and evaluation at stages
Theory lectures supported by case studies and practical scenarios
Progressive exercises
Regular assessments with a trainer
Practice-centred learning methods

Languages of instruction:

Training for translation from English to French, delivered in French.

Grade requirements for certification:

Average of 10/20 across all certification components
Validation by skill block: Yes
Equivalence: Translation diploma
Bridge programs: No
Career opportunities: Professional translator

Requirements for success:

Complete all training content
Complete the required assignments
Take into account corrections and recommendations from the trainer
Adhere to the training timetable

Required initial level and prerequisites:

Complete fluency in the working languages (French and English)
Proficiency in word processing and spreadsheet software
2-year degree or equivalent
2 years of professional experience (in any field)

Assessment methods:

Start the program at any time
Admission based on application: CV, cover letter and translation test
Submit the application at least 1 month before the desired start date
Registration fee: €125
Each unit of the program can be taken separately. Contact us for more information on this matter.

Delivery method:

Distance learning through an online course platform
For inquiries regarding the accommodation of people with disabilities, please contact the Edvenn disability coordinator.

Training field:

Foreign languages

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