Formation à distance complète et professionnalisante, facile à combiner avec sa vie professionnelle. L'accompagnement apportée par les référents pédagogiques est de qualité. Ils offrent des conseils précieux pour améliorer les compétences en traduction, mais également pour se lancer sur le marché du travail, une fois le diplôme obtenu.

Kai D., le 12/09/2023

Formation à la traduction

Kai D.
The translation training not only brought me certification, but it also allowed me to completely rethink my profession and gain greater confidence in myself to face the challenges of today. Thanks to an exceptional pedagogical follow-up, I have found my way to boost my professional practice and I have doubled my turnover.

Claire N., le 04/09/2023

Translation Course

Claire N.
Des contenus de formation, des professeurs et conseillers au top. Un suivi régulier et personnalisé favorisant la réussite. Confiance, sérieux et accueil chaleureux.

Sabrina R., le 01/09/2023

Translation Course

Sabrina R.
A complete overview of technical fields! I was able to improve my phraseology and translation skills in general, learn new terminology, understand many technical concepts in my preferred areas of technical translation, and discover a wealth of information on the internet.  

Michel B., le 11/07/2023

Translation Course – Technical Option

Michel B.
I was able to acquire solid knowledge that I can build on, considering that my medical knowledge was very basic. I have gained confidence in my abilities thanks to the feedback from the trainer, which helped me identify my mistakes and improve my translations.

Carl M., le 11/07/2023

Formation à la traduction médicale

Carl M.
A very comprehensive and satisfying training. As a legal translator for 30 years, I was able to enhance and confirm my knowledge. The lectures and corrections are truly excellent. Thank you!  

Camille P., le 11/07/2023

Translation Course – Legal Option

Camille P.
A demanding and high-quality training; supportive and encouraging instructors. An amazing team who's always available. All the conditions are in place for success, and now I'm ready to start working. Thank you all for your support and dedication.

Lou V., le 11/07/2023

Translation Course

Lou V.
Thank you so much to the Edvenn team for supporting me in my career transition! Top-notch translation training!

Marine A., le 11/07/2023

Translation Course

Marine A.
This training has allowed me to better understand the profession of technical writer and the various activities involved. The practical exercises in this field were useful for applying different rules and guidelines for the preparation of user documents.  

Jerome P., le 11/07/2023

Technical writing course

Jerome P.
I have learned a tremendous amount and developed many skills. I now consider myself a proficient technical writer.

Daniel V., le 11/07/2023

Technical writing course

Daniel V.
Silly me! I didn't take the time to thank everyone from Edvenn for enabling me to finally become a professional translator. After all these years "thinking about it", I did it ! 👩‍🎓 Studying while working a full time job was hard, but definitely worth it 😀 Thank you so much for the great content and the relevant feedback 🙏 I had the chance to be tutored by really kind and smart people.

Magali R., le 06/07/2023

Translation Course

Magali R.
Je pends enfin le temps de remercier chaleureusement l'équipe d'Edvenn grâce à qui j'ai pu atteindre un objectif présent dans un petit coin de ma tête depuis fort longtemps. J'ai enfin obtenu mon diplôme de traductrice. Des années après l'université, avec un travail à temps plein, pas évident, mais les efforts ont payé ! Merci à l'équipe pour son accompagnement bienveillant et ses retours pertinents.

Magali R., le 23/03/2023

Formation à la traduction

Magali R.